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About Me

Puppies have arrived!

We are a family of five located on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. We feel very lucky to share our home and lives with some wonderfully loving and lively ISD's, Ch Solhundur Elska Ljosstjarna(Elska), her son Eagleisle Roki Fannar(Roki) & the newly imported male Fagrahvamms Þór Alspori(Thor). Here at Eagleisle we are working with some of the rarest family groups to preserve the breed as it was meant to be. 

Our dogs are active in agility, flyball and conformation. 

We are a member in good standing in the Canadian Kennel Club and the

Icelandic Sheepdog Association of America

  Elska my darling bright star

Roki Fannar= Wind and snow (10 months)

Fagrahvamms Þór Alspori (11 months)


March 2010 litter~Ch Solhundur Elska Ljosstjarna x Ch Belglen Undri Ari

In order from left to right: Brynja(Ontario), Lukka(BC), Brosi(Ontario), Saela(Alberta), Vina(Ontario)


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Alisha & the gang at Eagle Isle